Inclusive Culture Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

Sacha Thompson is a seasoned expert in cultivating inclusive workplaces and fostering psychological safety. She collaborates with organizations, businesses, and teams to facilitate cultural evolution, guiding them through intricate processes that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her approach begins with a profound emphasis on the transformative potential of inclusive environments.

She has been featured on MSNBC, Fox Soul, Newsweek, Essence, the New York Times and Business Insider.

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Give your audience the power of change

Sacha Thompson is a dedicated advocate for creating inclusive workplaces and nurturing psychological safety. She skillfully connects inclusion and community engagement, fostering harmonious relationships that enhance overall workplace dynamics.

What to Expect

Sacha shares a story of inspiration and transformation

Sacha exudes inspiration and warmth as a speaker, captivationg audiences with her charismatic delivery. Through her speaking style, both in-person and virtual, she guides listeners to introspect and recognize subtle and overt biases affecting interactions, both within and outside of workplaces.

With a straightforward, actionable approach, she paves the way towards a culture of inclusion, learving her audience with a profound sense of purpose. Her sessions inspire transformative shifts in businesses, seamlessly and positively. Sacha’s speaking engagements span national and international stages, encompassing both physical and virtual spaces.

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Transforming lives and corporate culture through knowledge and action in inclusion.

Previous Speaking Engagements

Sacha is an Inclusive Culture Keynote Speaker, workshop presenter, and coach.

Reasons to Book Sacha

Not into complexities
Sacha is not about complexities. She’s about action and change. That’s why her concepts are simple, yet her message is powerful.
Relatable & Engaging
Sacha exudes warmth and confidence that brings her audience into her
world and leaves them ready for a transformation. Her authenticity and
conviction inspire change.
Seasoned DEI Professional
With over 20 years experience in DEI in the workplace, Sacha has a wealth
of knowledge and expertise in change management and company culture
Customized Keynotes
Each keynote or speaking engagement is tailored to the audience. She will
address the specific issues or opportunities your team or audience is

Have Sacha speak at your conference, event, corporate function, anywhere inclusive culture and psychological safety conversations are needed and happening for change.